Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your order, you must request a cancellation by emailing us on before your item is shipped. We cannot cancel your order after the item has been shipped. This same policy applies to pre-ordered items as well. 

Refund Policy

Once the return has completed inspection and confirmed or the cancellation has been acknowledged, your refund will be processed back onto the original card used for the purchase. Standard processing time for the funds to be posted by your bank is 5-10 business days after the return is processed. 

Refunds to expired or cancelled cards are handled by your card issuer and, in most cases, credited to your replacement card. If no replacement exists, the card issuer usually delivers the refund to you using an alternate method (for example, check or bank account deposit). In rare cases, a refund back to a card may fail.

Refunds issued shortly after the original charge appear in the form of a reversal instead of a refund. In the case of a reversal, the original charge drops off your statement, and a separate credit is not issued.

Refunds can fail if your bank or card issuer has been unable to process it correctly. The bank returns the refunded amount to us and we add it back to your account balance. This process can take up to 15 days from requesting the refund.

For any queries regarding your refunds you can email us on