About Us

Bedding Loom Inc. is an incorporated company having its headquarters in Mississauga, Canada. We at Bedding Loom Inc. share a passion towards bringing to our customers a variety of awesome products at really astonishing prices. The team behind Bedding Loom Inc. is always working towards finding unique and great quality products which make your home the most cozy and comforting place to live in. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to return back to their home after a long and tiring day and what if your home also welcomes you with a feeling of warmth and comfort? We want to help all our customers enjoy this feeling by providing those products which will add the feeling of comfort, coziness and warmth to their homes along with making them even more beautiful to live in.

From the Loom to your Doorstep

The loom is basically a synonym for a weaving machine. All our products are basicallv a product of
the weaving technology which was introduced many years ago and has been evolving and improvising since then
Let us share the journey of every product we introduce right from ideating to bringing the product to your doorstep.


Our team of experts are continuously scouting the existing market to understand which products definitely need to be present in our homes. The thought process is simple, its customer centric always. This way we make sure we end up providing only those products which are definitely going to end up in our customers homes instead of taking up space in warehouse shelves for months and end up getting dumped later.


We like to keep our promise of best quality products by not just simply providing products that are simply available in the market. Our product development team is extensively involved in developing new products as well as improvising products that are already existed in the current market. The whole purpose is to make a long lasting impression on our customers not through marketing but letting products speak for us and our efforts


The loom is where our products originate from, and we will be lying to you if we say we manufacture all our products. Let's face it, even big brands don't do it in today's era. Our team researches extensively to find the right manufacturing partner who not only provides the best quality products but also invests heavily in improvising their process of manufacturing and reducing environmental waste


Towards our efforts of trying to reduce the social impact on our environment we have come to realize that physical stores are a thing of the past. By not having a physical store we not only save on reducing our burden on the environment but also contribute towards making the shopping experience safer and friendlier for our potential customers. With this ever evolving pandemic it's better to be safe than sorry. If you really give it a thought, the best place to shop for your home is from your home


Shopping online has never been safer but having said so there is always a factor of trust that only builds up over time. We understand that our first impression is the last impression and we work hard towards making it an everlasting experience. We have tied up with industry leaders when it comes to delivering your products to your doorstep within time. The returns or exchange experience is what builds trust and we believe the experience we give while processing your return or exchange request is what is going to help us build a trust for a long future business and we take it damn seriously